Anything Is Possible by Alan Stanton


Anything is Possible - The Resurrection of Fairfield House

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In 1979 Alan Stanton was "just a kid with a crazy dream". Today, through the inspirational restoration project he initiated, Fairfield House in Nelson has been transformed from a demolition ready wreck, to a beautiful, publicly owned, heritage venue.
Determined to save Fairfield from being pulled down, armed with just a primus stove and sleeping bag, a young Alan moved in and squatted. He soon became honorary caretaker and rapidly ignited in countless others the seemingly impossible idea of restoring to its former glory this one time home of the influential Richmond-Atkinson mob.

Seven years ago in 2007, Alan suffered a major stroke. This prompted a second major project:  the writing of Fairfield's restoration journey. The completion of this book has been at the top of Alan's ‘bucket list' since he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in June this year.

Just as the renovation itself became a collaborative community effort, getting the book Anything is Possible to press in time for Alan to see it in print, has turned into a group affair, with support from local designer Galen King and publisher Robbie Burton of Craig Potton Publishing.

Project manager Rachael Ennor says Anything is Possible is an inspirational story:
"Alan describes the many challenges they faced - lack of money, blocked drains, bees in the roof, dry rot in the walls, no glass in the windows and bureaucracy all around," she says. "He describes how a small, tenacious group of committed people with a common vision can make a lasting difference."

"While the book touches on the story of Fairfield House, from its early days as a workman's cottage to the grandeur of the Atkinson years, through to its time as a college boarding house and its abandonment - the book focuses on the 1980's resurrection, the building of community, and the appreciation of heritage. Alan≠s message is that with inspiration, determination, love and hard work, anything really is possible.

Anything is Possible chronicles the adventures of Fairfield's glorious resurrection: Major house parts are mysteriously returned; a vibrant committee, Friends of Old Fairfield, (FOOF) is brought to life and kiwi practical ingenuity, born of financial necessity, is beautifully portrayed. Along the way there are reflections and anecdotes about life, sport, employment and politics, which Rachael says are all written in Alan≠s easy, humorous and approachable style.

Alan Stanton was born in Dunedin in 1945, brought up in Auckland and has spent most of his adult life in Nelson. After training in accounting and a period teaching, Alan successfully ran a small business making Tree Toys from native woods. He and his wife Christine live at Silkwood, near Mapua.

Anything is Possible will be launched at Fairfield at 5pm on Thursday November 21, all welcome. The event will include theatre from Body in Space, inspired by Alan's Fairfield stories.


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Many thanks to the generosity of donors who have paid for the book's production costs.

We would like to acknowledge the Kereru Trust for their generous support.

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