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February 2010 - Body In Space Theatre Company


We are delighted to announce that Fairfield House has this week agreed to Body In Space Theatre Company being an 'in residence' company here at Fairfield.  The company's artistic directors are Lisa Norriss and Daniel Allan.  Specialising in devising high quality physical theatre productions, Body in Space will be producing five shows this year at Fairfield, two of which will be for children. 

They are hosting weekly classses in improvisation, physical theatre and yoga.  We are thrilled to have such talented performers in residence here at Fairfield.  We are very excited about the work they will be producing and the specialist training they are offering to the local Nelson community.  See information below on their classes and watch this space for details about their theatre shows throughout the year!

Calling all theatre-lovers!

Body in Space, a theatre, improvisation and yoga company, invites you to train with them in 2010 at Fairfield House. This company is new to Nelson and is run by theatre professionals, Daniel Allan and Lisa Norriss. They offer classes for adults in core theatre skills, improvisation and yoga.

Here are the details:

EMERGE PHYSICAL :   Thursdays  starting Thursday 6 May 4pm - 5.30pm Mixed ability Theatre class to learn Theatre skills in a safe and supportive environment.
:   Wednesdays: Term 2  5:30-7pm (Adult)    Learn the techniques of improvised theatre and practice scenes in a fun and safe atmosphere. 

YOGA:  Wednesdays 
7.15pm - 8.45pm

Check out www.bodyinspace.co.nz, email [email protected] or phone 02102654000 for more details or to secure your place.


February 2010 - The Library 'Jester' Door is restored!

door 1:               door 2:              door 3:

As so often happens here at Fairfield, just when we need someone with specialist skills, they arrive, seemingly effortlessly!

So it's been with fine art restorer Nathalie Paulhe.  From France, Nathalie is travelling around New Zealand and came to Fairfield to WOOF for two weeks.  (WOOF means 'Working on organic farms'.  It is a world wide network where people work in exchange for board and lodging and Fairfield is part of the woofing scheme).  With her extremely specialist training and skills she has been able to restore the library 'Jester' door which has been in need of some TLC for a while now.  Originally painted by Harriet Blount in 1981, the jester was one painted door in a series painted by Harriet on doors in Nelson. The door's surface had become cracked and peeling in places.  But it has now been transformed and restored back to its former glory, thanks to Nathalie's talent and diligence.

Merci Nathalie!!

Conservation Plan
Friends of Old Fairfield has also received generous assistance from NZ Lottery Grants Board.  This Lottery Environment and Heritage grant has enabled us to commission a Conservation plan for the house.  Researched and compiled by heritage architect Ian Bowman and assisted by historian Miriam Clark, this vital document will provide a survey of Fairfield's present structural condition and her future maintainance requirements. It will also contain a formally researched history of the house.

Open Orchard
Fairfield House is delighted to have been chosen to be part of the Nelson Community Open Orchard scheme.  We are currently preparing the area.  Five fejoa trees were planted last season.  Richard Butler and Nick Kiddy have been instrumental in setting up this initiative in the Nelson community.

tree falling:         orchard site:         marcus at work:
                                                                                      The new orchard site July 2009

orchard 1:          orchard 3:

orchard 2:
Fruit and nut trees planted - August 2009

House Gardens

clare 2:                       bernt and seedlings:
                        Clare Haig pruning the roses                                                                  Bernd Marx with spring seedlings

Spring Blossoms 2009

blossom 1:                   blossom 3:

blossom 5:                blossom 4:

blossom 2:                new blossom 1:

new blossom 2:

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