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Autumn Workshop Series, Lasavia Healing


21 March, 2019 @ 8:00 am
25 March, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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Equinox workshops in Shamanic Practice: A series of workshops to introduce and explore themes within Lasavia Healing, including an introduction to shamanic practice within co-creative circle, land healing, Lasavia Healing Essences workshop, and an exploration of ethics for practitioners. These workshops can be stand alone or attended as a series of one or more.

Open Introduction evening & Book launch
with Leila Lees
Thursday 21 March 6.30–9.30pm

This talk covers a wide range of insight and experience around the evolution of the soul through participation in the world. Expect insight, humour & a deep sense of connection.
All welcome, entry by koha.

Land, relationship and healing
with Leila Lees
Friday 22 March 9am–2pm
Appropriate for all levels, $80

In this workshop we explore our relationship to place. The places we grew up in and the places that have significance for us. We begin to look at the language of landscape around us and the energy imprinted on landscape through the past. We look at how to be with this, how we perceive and discern disturbances and what tools we can develop to attend to these energies in land and buildings.

Introduction to The Lasavia Healing Essences
with Meggan Young and Leila Lees
Friday 22 March 6.30pm–10pm & Saturday 23 March 9am–3.30pm
Appropriate for all levels, $250

The Lasavia Healing Essences are vibrational medicines. These medicines have been created and developed by Leila Lees over 25 years. Leila will share some history of vibrational medicines, how the essences work and how to use them. The Friday evening talk is followed by a discussion.

Saturday continues from Friday’s evening introduction. In this workshop Meggan and Leila will introduce the essences, sharing their own experience in working with them. Together we explore how vibrational medicines work within the etheric realm and physical form. We explore plant spirit medicine, our relationship with nature and connection to other forms of consciousness.

Introductory Workshop to Working in Sacred Circle
with Deah Swift and Mary Nicholls
Saturday 23 March 6.30pm–9.30pm & Sunday 24 March 9.30am–5pm
Appropriate for all levels, $230

This workshop is an introduction to working together in sacred circle, an exploration of how we enter into relationship with the spiritual, natural world and self through the practice of shamanic practice. We will create our medicine wheel and experience shamanic journeying to meet our power animal and begin understanding the medicine and gifts they bring to you. You will also be introduced to meditation and reflections which form the foundation of self-knowledge through the practice of reverence, curiosity and humility.

Ethics for Practitioners
with Leila Lees
Monday 25 March 9am – 4pm
Appropriate for practitioners, $180

This workshop covers the importance of inner reflection, the heart as an inner compass and the importance of reverence for life as a key to creating a strong ethical foundation for what we do in our lives. This particular workshop is focused for those practitioners working in the field of transformation and healing. We look at ethics through the heart and how we can bring a greater consciousness to who we are and the relationship between practitioner and client.

Costs vary from donation upwards for details of costs & more information go to lasaviahealing.nz/contact/