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Cacao Ceremony


13 April, 2018
5:30 pm
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For the very first time in Nelson! So happy for this opportunity to share some of this heart opening nectar, freshly brought from the source – the land of volcanoes and jaguars, Guatemala, with the lovely community of Nelson.
After running cacao ceremonies in Europe and with great success in Hawkes Bay and Wellington, here we come, Nelson!

The tradition of drinking ceremonial cacao has its origin in the ancient cultures of the Mayas and Aztecas in Central America. It was used to evoke IXCACAO – goddess of Chocolate, Fertility and Abundance. She was also known as the “Queen of Love and Pleasure”, connected with the energy of the HEART.
Some of this magical plant, a full-scale nutritional wonder, harvested and packed in the sacred lands in Guatemala by a cacao shaman is now in New Zealand to be shared and enjoyed.

In a sacred ceremonial circle we will share a cup of bitter delight and allow it to awaken our Heart and soul.
We will guide you through a short heart-opening meditation and will hold space for music, devotional singing, dancing, sharing… in one word, for MAGIC.

Why cacao is referred to as medicine?
Cacao is an aphrodisiac, mood enhancer, and antioxidant that protects the heart and is densely packed with nutrients, cacao is a nutritional powerhouse, proven to be the most pharmacologically complex food in nature. It can improve your memory, reduce heart disease, shed fat, boost immunity, and create loads of energy.
Cacao contains the neurotransmitters serotonin, tryptophan and dopamine – the chemicals responsible for feelings of wellbeing, as well as anandamide, known as the bliss molecule that leaves us feeling blissful and euphoric, moderating pain perception, as well as assisting in regulating appetite and mood.
When high quality raw cacao beans are prepared for ceremony, all the mood enhancing neurochemicals in cacao become particularly active. It increases blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart and skin, and the whole body is nourished. People report heightened awareness, focus and intensified sensations.

Sacred Cacao ceremony participants all share raw cacao is heart opening and an amazing meditation aid. Chocolate Shaman, Keith Wilson, whose cacao we use, lives in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala and has been working with cacao for over 12 years. He uses cacao for spiritual and shamanic purposes and processes his own cacao under instruction from the “cacao spirit.” Keith refers to cacao as the “food for the shift”.
Join us in an exploration of its gifts!

Facilitated by Radha and Phill

Radha is a Hridaya yoga and meditation teacher, who’s walked the path of the heart living in Central America for few years and shared plant medicine and meditation on many occasions, currently running classes and meditation retreats in New Zealand.
Phill is a professional musician who’s put his heart into hand crafting musical instruments. His delicate approach to composing music and amazing skills in playing instruments from all over the world (Turkey, West Africa, South America) guarantees a very special sound base for the ceremony.​

For any questions, please contact Radha
020 4077 5534, [email protected]