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Introduction to Tantra with Renetsu


20 November, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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Learn how Tantra can greatly improve all aspects of your life. Get out of your restrictive life patterns and bring authentic interactions and deep connections that will fullfil your hearts desires.

Have you ever?

– Said Yes when you really wanted to say No?

– Been overwhelmed with guilt when saying No?

– Said Yes just to please others?

– Continued with something because you didn’t want to offend or let someone down, even though you really wanted to stop?

– Had a desire but didn’t voice it out of fear of rejection?

This is a fun and playful workshop that uses simple tools to help uncover beliefs and patterns that hold us back and restrict our lives. The release of these patterns enables us to listen to our own personal truth and show up in the world in an empowered, authentic, heart centred way. By listening to our bodies needs and being able to speak them clearly we honour ourselves in each moment. It is this which creates a safe space in which we relax, our hearts open, fear dissolves and expansion occurs.

Renetsu is a unique Powerful, Passionate, Embodied Tantra Teacher. An intuitive energy worker, sensitive empath & international teacher for 20 years.

This is an evening of explanation and experience to introduce my weekend residential retreats in the Brightwater area. I will once more be offering workshop in 2 x local festivals.

See: https://www.facebook.com/events/712761602512844/