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Tools for Joyful Living


15 November, 2018
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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When we focus on the things that are working in our lives, we draw more of that experience towards us. Gratitude, appreciation, faith, kindness, forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others, are essential for creating a positive, happy state of mind. Joyful people focus on the now, they accept life as it, they express gratitude, praise others, forgive others and have a positive mindset, regardless of what is going on. They accept life as it is and trust that life goes on. Joyful people love without reservation, they love with a full and open heart. The tools you will learn in this course will assist you to live a fuller, happier more joyful life. They are easy to learn and apply on a daily basis. Learning to develop a positive attitude to life and appreciation of all we have, truly is the path to joyful living!