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Lazy Sunday Afternoon, An afternoon of Gentle and Restorative Yoga with Sam Loe

This second lazy Sunday will focus on practices and restorative postures that release tension around the lower back, the deep core psoas muscle and the hips. By softening and hydrating through these core structures we make way for finding centre in a world of to do lists and overwhelm. The afternoon's practice will lead into…



One of the first steps to undoing the tangled-up web of suffering and anxiety is to learn to breathe, relax and clear your frazzled mind. We live in a noisy pressure cooker, which can rule and ruin our lives if we become addicted to doing rather than being. The thing is, when we learn how…


T’ai Chi Ch’uan

Silent Flute T`ai Chi Ch`uan Nelson T`ai Chi Ch`uan is a martial art more than 700 years old, consisting of movement designed to promote total self-development for the mind, body and spirit, for people of all ages In T`ai Chi Ch`uan each posture holds techniques which can be used for self-defence and in time, with…


Change Your Mind

Weekly Meditation Sessions held in the Sanctuary Meeting Room These meditation sessions are open to everyone: Beginners through to experienced, people from any religious tradition and people with no religious affiliations. Come and practice simple breathing meditation in a supportive and caring atmosphere. We sit for 40 minutes. Sometimes there are question and answer sessions…


MakeShift Contact Improvisation Dance

MakeShift Contact Improvisation Dance Nelson Contact Improvisation Dance (CI ) is a dance form in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for movement improvisation and exploration