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Jon Sanders NZ Tenalach tour 2023


10 November, 2023
7:30 pm

NZ/Ireland based guitar bouzouki uke player Jon Sanders returns in October with a free flowing nufolk music band featuring accordion, clarinet and singing in a show called Tenalach.

Tenalach is an old Irish term which describes a state of deep connection with the land, water and air that allows us to hear the earth sing. The music was written over the last 4 years and inspired by this synergy as felt in west Kerry, Ireland and in the two islands of Aotearoa. Helping to create these soundscapes will be his daughter Jenny OS who sings and heralds from west Kerry, Hannah Wiskari Griffiths on clarinet/sax (who set up the NZ branch of the Ethno world music project) and Sophia Bidwell from Christchurch on piano accordion. Sophia is a prolific session player and music teacher in Canterbury and beyond. The compositions represent an invitation to reconnect with nature on a deeper level, in a world increasingly controlled by technologies and their limited binary outcome.

Already recognised for his “ deeply meditative, impishly playful, quantum leaping” style,  Jon says these soundscapes and original songs deal with the aspects of contemporary life which are clearly mirrored in the balance of natural ecosystems. “This is an invocation to spend time in the natural environment, away from the digital machine and to connect on a deeper non- intrusive level”,  he says.

Tickets $20 – available by clicking here or on the door.

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