Courtyard & Observation Tower

The Court Yard

With its spiralling brick pattern this is a popular location for the wedding ceremony or a break out space for conferences held in The Ballroom or Gallery. At night, with the fairy lights twinkling romantically in the trees and greenery, this is the perfect place for a BBQ or candle lit celebration!

The Observatory Tower

This was first built by Arthur Atkinson, the original owner of Fairfield House, as an astronomical observatory in 1882. It was reconstructed in 1995 by Friends of Old Fairfield. Climb to the top of this unique historic tower to get a panoramic view over the city and the surrounding landscapes.

Outdoor Wedding Reception, Nelson @ Fairfield House
Courtyard wedding venue Nelson, @ Fairfield House
Observatory Tower @ Fairfield House

Fairfield House Site Map

Fairfield Nelson venue site plan