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The First Light Flower Essences Workshop


17 June, 2023
18 June, 2023

Patricia Stowell. has been a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Tutor since 2013 and is offering the First Light® training at Fairfield House in 2023. People come to the workshops for different reasons; some for self-healing, others to learn a holistic healing modality they can use with family, friends and/or clients.

The first workshop is First Light® Ferns – Life Trauma, June 17/18.

You may attend either or both days.

Modules covered include:

  • Holistic healing benefits of the 7 First Light® fern essences
  • How to maintain the energetic integrity of the aura
  • The 7 fundamental traumas, personal and collective
  • How to address traumas with First Light® fern essences
  • The grief cycle and how to naturally move faster through it

For more information or to book your spot feel free to contact me on +64 27 4697 191 or visit my website.