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Introduction to Building Communication Bridges: Inside & Out


27 September, 2023
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Have you ever cooked a pot of soup with a match? Changed a car engine with a fork? Ever thought you were being clear when communicating only to discover the other person heard something different? Are you ready to respond rather than impulsively react, transform communication challenges and communicate with clarity?

What is Building Communication Bridges: inside and out?

Despite our best intentions, old decisions and survival communication styles can create insurmountable gaps. We need new ways to communicate. Building Communication Bridges: Inside and Out training offers this. Learn valuable road maps and skills to transform challenges into valuable resources. Learn to speak with clarity, know what you need and maximize your resources of being fully who you are.

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Janet Redmond. I am a Possibility Manager & Next Culture Village builder and Weaver with 30 years’ experience as a trainer, retired counsellor and international educator. I am committed to equipping people and groups with skills for loving, transformative, powerful action and relationships.

How can I attend?

For further details and registration: 0272 515 548, janetredmond.com or [email protected]


This introduction is free to attend. A weekend workshop on 14 & 15 October will follow this session. See here for more information.

Use your power to heal and connect. “Pain that is not transform is transmitted” — Brené Brown