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The mission statement for Friends of Old Fairfield (FOOF), which was written in the early 1990s, encapsulates the early aspirations and continuing focus of FOOF for Fairfield:

"To administer the Fairfield Reserve in order to retain and enhance its unique character, linking the past with the present and future community growth".

Community involvement in Fairfield has enabled the restoration and development to date. FOOF manages this community resource on a self-funding basis. We rely on events income, voluntary work, membership subscriptions, donations and grants to upkeep this unique historic house and heritage woodland.

We are officially registered with the Charities Commission. Our official registration number is CC41609.

Making a donation

You can make a one off or regular donation to Fairfield via internet banking. Please complete the donation form so we can issue a formal donation receipt.

All donations over $5 are tax deductible and can be made to the account above. Please use "Name" and "Donation" as your payment reference.

Fairfield House, a great Wedding Venue, Nelson

Make a donation

May we offer a huge thank you in anticipation of your generous support for Fairfield House.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Friends of Old Fairfield